Our Team

Our Team

Marco Reyes Lead Editor

I am the founder and Editor of Posted Feed. I want to make Posted Feed the latest and fasted news site in the world.

Email: marco@postedfeed.com
Phone: (+1) 912-925-0647


Monica Fuentes Writer

I work as the lead writer at Posted Feed. I always wanted to be a writer, I used to write at my school newspaper I also free-lanced before joining here.

Email: monica@postedfeed.com
Phone: (+1) 912-923-4338


Roman Lucas Reporter

I am the reporter for Posted Feed. I love finding new things and learning about them so our readers don’t miss anything interesting.

Email: roman@postedfeed.com
Phone: (+1) 912-922-2791


Shawn Mendes

I work as the writer for Posted Feed. I love writing and have been working as a writer for a few websites before joining Posted Feed.

Email: shawn@postedfeed.com
Phone: (+1) 912-925-1438


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