Senran Kagura Peach Ball Launches For PC On August 14

Publisher XSEED Games has announced The launch date for the PC interface of Senran Kagura: Peach Ball.

The pinball game is Launching for Windows PC (via Steam) on August 14th.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

When amateur chemist Haruka spills a Mysterious concoction in the arcade in which she works, five of her shinobi buddies start acting a little crazy. They believe that they’re animals, and the only way to heal them is using Haruka’s mystical Peach Ball. The very best method to do this? Pinball, of course! Haruka will find the women onto the tables, but she wants you to work some magic with the flippers and apply the antidote.

Senran Kagura Goes Full Tilt

Ninja battles, rhythmic cooking Contests, water gun fights, massage therapy–what new horizons has not the Senran Kagura series conquered yet? Oh, right: pinball! Use the flippers to bounce the magical Peach Ball around among multiple dynamic tables, with a dear shinobi girl in the center of it all. Bounce the ball off her knees, feet, or hands to produce her change position and increase the bets!

Key Characteristics:

Frantic Pinball Action –– Pinball comes alive! Hurry through each curve and corner of Senran Kagura: Peach Ball’s lively tables. Blast aims, unlock special minigame areas, and stand up things in manners most players never thought possible.

Adorably Playful Fun — Five fan-favorite shinobi women are here to play with you, all within their cutest crochet! Bounce and bop them from many different angles, even whenever they preen, purr, and pounce across the table.

Over Just Pinball — The fan-favorite Intimacy mode, Diorama style, and Dressing Room are all here, along with 10 brand new unlockable challenges!

Yes There Is A Story Mode — For lovers of the series’ Overarching storyline (we see you, we love you!) , enjoy watching the characters React to Haruka’s latest mess, using their wits, along with your help, to coax their Buddies onto that pinball table.

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